Omkar Bhilare

Digital Design and Verification Enthusiast

I'm a recent electronics undergraduate student from VJTI, Mumbai and I do have a great interest in Digital VLSI, FPGA prototyping, RTL Design, and verification. In my undergrad, I tinkered a lot with FPGAs, Microcontrollers, and circuit designs. I have made my small RISC-V core in Verilog. Also made a 8 bit computer using SAP (Simple as possible!) Logic and simulated it in Logisim.
Right now I'm working in AMD, Bangalore as a Silicon Design Engineer. I'm responsible for SOC Level verification of Debug Unit related IPs.
Last summer, I worked with LAP (processor architecture Laboratory) under guidance of Prof.Paolo Ienne as a summer EPFL research student. I had worked on extending dynamtic (a dynamic HLS) support for External memory via AXI Interconnect, handling variable delay via accessing memory in a dynamic environment was amazing learning.
I'm a former verification Research Intern at SHAKTI, RISE LAB, IITM. SHAKTI is an open-source initiative by RISE group at IIT-Madras with the aim to produce production grade SOCs. I worked on accelerating the Verification flow of SHAKTI processors using FPGAs.
I was also selected in Google Summer of Code 2021 (GSOC'21) with beagleboard org. I had worked on an FPGA cape named BeagleWire and developed Gateware for it. I'm always open to Research opportunities in Computer Architecture, RTL Design, Verification, and FPGA prototyping.

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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, India.
B.Tech in Electronics Engineering (CGPA: 9.13/10) (2018-2022)

  • Relavant Coursework : Electronics Circuit Analysis and Design, Digital Combinational Circuits, Digital Sequential Circuits, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Principle of VLSI, Embedded Systems
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  • FPGAs : Xilinx’s Arty A7-100, KV260, Zynq ZC702, Altera’s Cyclone II, Lattice’s ICE40UP5K & iCE40HX4k, Anlogic’s EG4S20
  • Langugaes : Verilog, VHDL, C, Python, Assembly Language(x86, RISC-V).
  • EDA Tools : Quartus Prime, Xilinx Vivado, IceStorm.
  • Microcontrollers : ESP32, ESP8266, Atmega328p, AM335x.
  • Software & Frameworks : CoCotb, Icarus Verilog, GTKWave, Autodesk Eagle, Altium, Kicad, Proteus, Multisim, Logisim, Git, Linux.

Gist About Me

  • I’m currently working in AMD as a silicon design engineer in the DFD Verification team. I’m responsible for SOC Level verification of Debug unit-related IPs of various AMD processors.
  • Last summer, I worked with the Prof. Paolo Ienne of the Processor Architecture lab(lap), EPFL as a research intern. My research project with LAP, included adding support for external memory access in dynamatic (A dynamic HLS compiler). I worked with developing a custom AXI master, interfacing it with dynamic Load Store Queues of dynamatic and handling variable delays from memory.
  • Before that, I had worked with AMD, India as a digital design verification co-op intern. I developed various SOC Level verification test cases for AMD processors.
  • Last summer, I had done a project in google summer of code, 21 with beagleboard organization where I developed gateware for a Lattice FPGA cape. The gateware included interfacing FPGA and TI microprocessor. It also included bringing up FPGA with an SDRAM controller for SDRAM access.
  • I’m a former verification Research Intern at SHAKTI, RISE LAB, IITM. I was in their verification team and developed a framework to verify SHAKTI processors on FPGA. Verified SHAKTI processors on ARTY-A7 FPGA.
  • In my undergrad thesis, I worked on Accelerating Deepfake Detection on AMD-Xilinx’s VCK5000 a versal architecture FPGA board. Worked done in this project won third prize in AMD-Xilinx’s Adaptive Computing Challenge. It was also accepted in Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT’22)
  • In my undergrad, I tinkered a lot with FPGAs, Digital Designs. I have made my small RISC-V core and also a small 8-bit computer. My other projects can be found on my portfolio site.

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